What's a good Harmonica for a Cigar Box Guitar?

Check out this harmonica at Amazon...



Check out this cool harp rack...


Cigar Box Guitar Tone

Cigar Box Guitar Tone! I like to crank up the bass and turn down the treble...  check it out! I have added links to the amps in the YouTube below. ROCK ON!


Link to out the Line 6 Micro Spider.


Link to the Fender Champion 20.

Link to the Fender Blues Jr.


Check Out This Cool Guitar Amp!

Been loving my new Fender Champion 20 guitar amp. If you would like to get one check out this link...


Cigar Box Guitar Stand

Need a Cigar Box Guitar Stand? 

Check out this cool little stand. I found this little Ukulele stand from Amazon and it works great for a cigar box guitar. It folds up nice and it will hold a cigar box guitar perfect. I use it at gigs and I keep one next to me in the living room so I have a cigar box guitar quick on the draw! Check it out here...


Thanks and ROCK ON!...

Happy 3 String Thursday from the Barn!