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Frequently Asked Questions
* Do you take orders for custom built guitars?
At this time I do not offer custom work. I only sell the cigar box guitars listed on the web page.
* How long does it take to build a cigar box guitar?
It takes about 3 or 4 weeks or so to build a cigar box guitar. I take my time and pay attention to every detail. I want each cigar box guitar to play and sound great.
* Where do you ship?
We ship to most countries. The best thing to do is add a guitar in the shopping cart.. you can see shipping options and prices before checkout.
* How do you tune a 3 string cigar box guitar?
I tune my 3 strings to open G. ( G D G )
You can tune anyway you like... the great thing about these guitars is there are no rules, so you can tune any way you like!
* How do you tune a 4 string cigar box guitar?
I tune my 4 strings like a 4 string banjo open G. ( G D B G ) but there are lots of tunings out there... it's fun to experiment and try different tunings.
 * How long have you been making cigar box guitars?
Since 2007.
* Where do you get your cigar boxes?
Most cigar stores sell their discarded cigar boxes. I am always on the look out for cool cigar boxes.
* Do you have a store front?
I do not have a store front... at this time I only sell my cigar box guitars on the web page If I am all sold out, the best thing to do is sign my mailing list to be notified when I have new guitars available on the web page.
* How did you come up with building cigar box guitars?
People have been building cigar box guitars since the early 1860s. So they have been around for a long time. I discovered them on the internet and have been hooked ever since!
* How can I hear one of your cigar box guitars?
I do have CDs available! Recorded with my hand made cigar box guitars.
* How to display my cigar box guitar.
Start with a decorative hook and a loop of leather or rope. Make a loop and use the tuning pegs to display on a hook.
 *How do I change my strings?



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