How To Play - I Won't Back Down Guitar Solo - Cigar Box Guitar Mike Snowden - Song By Tom Petty

One of my favorite Tom Petty songs... I Won't Back Down. Check out how much fun it is to play on a cigar box guitar. Sounds great with a 3 string cigar box guitar tuned to open G G-D-G. Get your slide and amp and let's go!!!!

Mike Snowden

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Mike Snowden

She's a Brick House!


Check out the Brick House 3 String Cigar box guitar! Ready to rock with this cool CBG. Check it out at Snowden Guitars!

-Mike Snowden

Cigar Box Guitar How to play Hoochie Coochie Man with Mike Snowden on 3 String Thursday!

Good time with a 3 string Cigar Box Guitar! So much fun just playing the blues!

Thanks for watching! 

Mike Snowden

Love This Little Amp!

This little Fender Champion 20 guitar amp is the perfect combo for a cigar box guitar. Just the right size amp and its got a bunch of presets to get some awesome tones from your cigar box guitar. Too much fun!

-Mike Snowden 

Snowden Guitars

Here's an Amazon link if you want to check it out!