Inlay Dots!

Just finished in laying some position dots on the pecan wood fret boards. These cigar box guitars are looking good!

Handmade cigar box guitar fret board by Mike Snowden Snowden Guitars.

Happy New Year with Mike Snowden Cigar Box Guitar music.

Happy New Year to all! I was lucky to be a part of A Very SOTA Christmas, Vol. 1. I play my cigar box guitar and the Fender Bass on the last track. Brandon Bush plays drums and accordion. Save the best for last?

A Very SOTA Christmas, Vol. 1 features tracks by The Shadowboxers, Indianapolis Jones, Michelle Malone, Stephen Kellogg, Tim Smith, Mike Snowden, Marshall Ruffin, Alex Gordon Hi-Fi, The Handlebars, Tres Lechers, and Big Mike Geier joined by Larkin Poe. Most of the performances are backed by The Galavanters, a timeless instrumental quartet comprised of veteran Atlanta...

Pecan Wood Fret Boards Cut Out.

Made several pecan wood cigar box guitar fret boards. They have been cut to size and run through the wood planer. Each one looks so different, the grain is amazing. These will make some nice cigar box guitars. Stay tuned to Snowden Guitars to see how they turn out. 

Handmade Cigar Box Guitars by Mike Snowden of Snowden Guitars pecan wood fret boards.

Pecan Wood for Cigar Box Guitar Fret Boards.

Picked up some really nice Pecan wood from Peach State Lumber. Should make some awesome cigar box guitar fret boards. Going to start with this pecan wood on my next batch of cigar box guitars. I go to Peach State often and have never seen pecan wood for sale. The only time I have found pecan wood was at a lumber yard in Louisiana that was out in the country. Check Snowden Guitars soon to see how they turn out! 



Happy New Year!

Just want to thank everyone for making 2016 a successful year for Snowden Guitars. Hope everyone has a wonderful 2017. Now get that cigar box guitar out and play along!