My Favorite Tube amp!

I love this amp! My Fender Blues Jr Tweed amp is my go to when I need a bigger amp than my little practice amp. I use this when I play out live, studio and just when I need some more volume. It has a great tone and an really nice low end. I went to Guitar Center with my friend Scott Hall years ago... we plugged in every combo amp they had in-stock. When we heard the Blues JR we both bought one on the spot! I have had mine for 8 or 9 years now and it has been great. I play a lot of gigs and it has held up great. I have replaced the tubes a couple of years ago and it keeps rockin! Check it out here in some of my youtubes... If you are looking for a nice amp for a cigar box guitar, give the Fender Blues JR a shot.

Rock on! -Mike




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