Cigar Box Guitar Amplifier

I get a lot of people asking whats a good Cigar Box Guitar Amplifier. There are a million different amps out there! If you listen to any of the sound samples on my web page  or you have seen some of my YouTubes... I use this little Line 6 Micro Spider. Cool little amp for just over $130. It can be plugged into the wall or six C battery-powered.You can practice with headphones if you want. It got a built in tuner and several cool effects. Its small and portable. I got mine at Guitar Center, just about any music store will have them. They have other models that are bigger and and not battery-powered that are cheaper also. I just like being able to take this with me wherever I want to go. Cool little cigar box guitar amp! 






I think all my cigar box guitar lessons were recorded with this little amp also...


So if you are looking for a cool cigar box guitar amplifier... check out the Line 6 amps. I have had mine since 2009 or so and I use it just about every day. I have other amp I like and use also. This one is small and portable and it just works. Rock on!


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